Our Commitment

Vinjur provides special event and group travel management world-wide and is  dedicated to delivering to our customers the highest level entertainment and educational experience available. Our executive team is the most experienced in the industry. Whether it's a parade paying tribute to our veterans, a concert celebrating an historic event at Carnegie Hall or a group travel adventure through Europe or Asia, Vinjur will ensure that you receive the highest quality program for you and your participants. 

Our Executive Team

Joel Biggs - President / CEO 

Bert Johnson - Vice President and Executive Producer of FAME Events

Jeremy Biggs - CFO and Vice President

Chris Meeker - Vice President and Executive Producer of Historic Programs

Lori Marcum - Producer - FAME Events

Cherish Walters - Associate Producer Historic Programs

Rand LeSueur - General Manager - Take 1 Event Rentals

Earl Hurrey - Director and Producer - Historic Programs

Tom Biggs - Finance Manager - Capital Productions

Aaron Collette - Producer - Historic Programs

Teina Woodburn - Producer - FAME Events

Hugh Wittaker - Associate Producer - Historic Programs